Schedule Is In The Wild

After thorough consideration of the calendars and requirements of our speakers with regards to our own capabilities we have prepared likely the best of the possible programs. The schedule is already public and can be found on our website. Do not hesitate and start planning your own schedule to choose the talks you cannot miss.

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Call for Proposals closed

The call for proposals has been closed. In the next few days the PyCon SK commission will decide which talks will be presented at the conference. Thank you all for the well prepared submissions, unfortunately we only have limited amount of time slots so we will have to choose just a few of them. We have received dozens of high-quality proposals, so the decision is not going to be an easy one. Once the selection process is finished, all proposers will be notified regardless of the acceptance status of their submission.

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Ticket sales for PyCon SK 2022 are open!

As you might know, the PyCon SK conference was moved from 2020 and a large part of the people had purchased a ticket for the original conference date. As anti-pandemic measures were still in place at the time of the launch of this year's conference, which limited the capacity of mass events, we decided not to sell any more tickets.

Currently, capacity restrictions at mass events are lifted and we are reopening ticket sales. We firmly believe that the favorable pandemic situation will continue in early September. However, we care about the health of all participants, so we decided to sell additional tickets with a potential restriction. Should it be necessary to reduce the capacity of the conference due to pandemic measures, the tickets from the current sale will be canceled. Holders of such tickets will have access to the live stream from the conference and at the same time an aliquot of the ticket price will be refunded.

We thank all members of the Python community for their interest and support. We look forward to seeing you on September 9-11 in Bratislava!

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Announcing first speakers

We are glad to announce the first speakers at PyCon SK 2022. If you want to see your photo among the speakers, do not hesitate and submit your talk proposal.

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Why are all the tickets sold out? Will they still be on sale?

The conference was rescheduled from 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19, where we had sold out most of the tickets and those tickets remain valid. Currently, owners can return these tickets if the date of this year's conference is not convenient for them. Therefore, we anticipate that there will be a very limited number of tickets available.

If you are interested in a ticket please sign up on the list in the Tickets section. We will be putting a limited number of tickets on sale and people on the list will receive an email notification in advance of the start of the sale.

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Donate your 2% to SPy

  • 2022-03-13

Besides PyCon SK, our non-profit organisation actively supports Slovak ICT teachers, mainly by organising workshops and creating teacher content. Please, consider supporting us by donating your 2% of your paid tax (applicable only to Slovak tax payers).

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The Call for Proposals is open!

Do you know anyone in underrepresented group in IT who would like to do a conference talk? Let us know, and try to encourage him/her to submit Call for Proposals for PyCon SK 2022. We are trying to support diversity. Anyone can be part of the conference.

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PyCon SK 2022

Due to the COVID-19 situation PyCon SK 2020, 2021 was postponed. We are happy to announce that PyCon SK 2022 will happen 9-11. September 2022. For more details subscribe to our Newsletter.