Oliver Osvald


He studied Mathematical Modelling at University College London. Later he worked for Hiscox Re & ILS, Mechanic Tech Lab and Berlin Brands Group to finally get to Bratislava where he process the solar data at Solargis.

Implementation of advanced analytics pipeline in solar energy industry and integration into AWS cloud environment Talk

English language

Oliver Osvald Martin Mihál

Since its birth a couple decades ago, the solar energy industry has seen rapid growth - not just in market size, but also in data. The industry has become data-driven and Solargis has been on the forefront of working with solar data and addressing its main issues. In the first part of this talk, we briefly describe our approach to identifying the most common data quality issues found in solar ground measurement data. After the introduction, we share how we built an advanced analytics pipeline based on our approach, discuss its core components, implementation, evaluation, and outline its main strengths and weaknesses. In the second part, we show how we leverage the AWS cloud environment to deploy, scale and enhance our solutions such as the analytics pipeline. We also share a few technology recommendations, insights and tips on how to integrate, deploy and operate serverless data-flow on the cloud and how to handle data in a cloud-based data-lake.