Jan Pipek


Jan works with data on a daily basis at Pace Revenue to optimize revenue in the hospitality industry. He met with Jakub Urban as physicists promoting Python at a research institute and since then have broadened this collaborative effort to organizing PyData Prague meetups and coaching PyLadies data courses.

Pandas watching movies Workshop

English language

Jan Pipek Jakub Urban

In this workshop, you will get your hands on the essential tool of any Python data analyst or scientist, the pandas library. Based on publicly available data, you will learn how to:

- load, manipulate and clean your data;

- gather insights using grouping, aggregation and joining data from various sources;

- understand and present you data visually.

The course is intended for attendees with high-school (or even grammar-school) math knowledge and basic Python understanding; no advanced statistics or computer science theory will be required or taught.

(a slightly updated version of - with the numpy part removed, also a bit inspired by our materials)