Maarten Huijsmans


I'm a python developer with a few years of experience. I enjoy putting easter eggs in my code. Besides that, I also build useful stuff. Two years ago I started using FastAPI and was impressed by the powerful combination of Starlette and Pydantic to quickly build a well-documented API.

I work at InvestSuite, a Belgian fintech scaleup. I work on multiple microservices: public & private APIs, streaming financial data, machine learning models, etc.

5 Things we've learned building large APIs with FastAPI Talk

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Maarten Huijsmans

FastAPI follows the UNIX philosophy of "do one thing, and do it well". By using Starlette and Pydantic, FastAPI

provides you with powerful tools to build a beautiful API. This gives you a lot of freedom to decide how you organize

the rest of your codebase. The level of freedom also comes with some challenges once a codebase grows.

In this talk we explore some of the common challenges in building FastAPI apps, and share how we solved them:

1. Minimizing the global state with dependency injection

2. Reducing the complexity of testing a FastAPI app

3. Pitfalls of async FastAPI

4. Supporting multiple authentication schemes

5. Modeling the relations between patch, response, and database models