Jozef Gaborik


Jozef is a full-stack developer with multiple years of experience. He created his first web page at the age of 13 and continues to do so from then on. He studied at the Slovak University of Technology. In the past he worked at both bigger companies in the telco industry and small startups focusing on cloud technologies. Currently he is a senior Python developer at Sufio. He likes open-source, volleyball, and good books.

He is slightly paranoid :)

Best practices for building Docker images for Python apps Talk

English language

Jozef Gaborik

Docker is very popular among developers and many teams use it to deliver their software. I want to use it too, but my images are large and take forever to build. Does it have to be like that? Is there a better way to do it?

In this presentation, we will go through the whole process of building a docker image for a Python web app. How to select a base image, how to optimize the size, and how to decrease the speed of build. We will think about security, logging, and caching and see how to do it all in CI. You will end up with the set of applicable best practices in creating Docker images that you can use in your projects.