Petr Viktorin


Petr is a CPython core developer and a member of the 2022 Python Steering Council.

He works at Red Hat, developing Python and integrating it into Fedora and RHEL systems.

He also teaches beginners' courses, and maintains Czech learning materials at

The stories of Python features Talk

English language

Petr Viktorin

Python 3.11 is almost ready. The Release Candidate is available, all features are in, and fixes for serious bugs are the only changes allowed before the final release in October. So you can already play with better traceback inforrmation, exception groups, performance improvements, tomllib, and so on.

But have you ever wondered how these features get into the language? If you have an idea of an improvement, what needs to happen before it's implemented and released to the world? Who needs to be convinced that it's a good idea? What kind of questions do you need to ask and answer?

Find out in this talk.