Michal Racko


Have been interested in science & technology since childhood.

Attended and won multiple international science competitions during high school including the International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics (silver and gold medals) and Intel ISEF (3rd place).

Studied physics at Imperial College London which consistently gets among the world's top-10-ranked universities. Got involved in data analysis within the LHCb and later ATLAS collaborations at CERN.

Worked as a data scientist in e-commerce preparing predictive models, performance analyses, simulations etc.

Launched own startup focusing on real-time processing of e-commerce data. Designed and developed the entire data-processing pipeline and ML models.

Worked as an ML engineer in a tech company focusing on document image processing, classification and OCR.

Currently a member of the modelling team at Makers working on a new approach to simulations of distributed energy resources.