Jan Margeta


Jan is the founder of KardioMe, a Pythonista and a white water kayaker. He is passionate about solving pending questions about our hearts, ears, cognition and environment with computer vision and machine learning, and is keen on building technologies that push the boundaries of our knowledge.

Interactive 3D scientific data visualization and mesh analysis with PyVista Talk

English language

Jan Margeta

In this talk we will cover visualization of 3D data in Python using PyVista and its companion libraries. We will see how to create interactive visualizations of 3D medical images and surfaces, display clouds of points, show terrain maps, make colourful animated meshes, visualize VR scenes, make pretty renders, or perform simple mesh manipulations.

PyVista makes interactive 3D visualization in Python simple and fun. All under a consistent and easy to learn imperative interface, making it perfect for iterative analysis in your shell / notebooks.

Data visualization libraries such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Bokeh, Altair have rightly established their places in our toolbelts for data science visualization in Python. The world has changed, the age of 3D and PyVista is here.