Artur Patoka


I'm a lead software engineer in test at PacketFabric, a young and dynamic network automation startup from California and I'm totally loving it. Over the last 9 years I've also worked for a few huge companies (Intel, arm, Finastra), in totally different domains (CPUs, GPUs, mobile hardware, finance, network) but my main interest has always been automation. It's amazing to see how universally useful Python is proving to be in those diverse areas!

Accelerate Python development using live PyCharm debugging Workshop

English language

Artur Patoka

In this workshop we’ll walk through some of the awesome features of the built-in PyCharm debugger. I’ll start with a quick overview of the fundamentals and then move on to how to use the debugger as a highly efficient development tool, much more than a simple bug finder. We’ll focus on examples - in a live coding session I’ll show you some super simple demos using Flask, Selenium, pandas and pytest. Most of this workshop’s content will be applicable regardless of the Python area you are interested in. I’ll be using PyCharm Pro but most of the features discussed are available in the community edition and those exclusive to the paid version will be marked.