Sara Jakša


I am a software engineer at LeanIX. I come from a cognitive science and economics background, so I am more likely to be interested in how to use programming to find out the answer to the social science questions, data analysis and automation, then going into the nitty picky details about kubernetes. I also interested in how people and technology relate to one another.

Regex is Magic Talk

Anglický jazyk

Sara Jakša

Do you know that moment, when the AI is sold, but all that is in the background is the regex?

Regex is an old magical tool that can turn any kind of unstructured text file into something that can be used for further processing. As one of the more popular technical tools - it is the 30th most frequent tag on StackOverflow and imported in millions of GitHub public projects. Quite a versatile one, as there are cases this is sold as the AI. And it is also quite old, standing the decades of passing time.

In this talk, I will talk about what regex is and how it can be used. Then I am going to show some of the ways, so regex is used these days and finish with how we managed to sell the regex processing as the magical AI.