Matěj Bartoš


After graduating from Computer Vision and Image Processing Matěj started as a research scientist in SpaceKnow where he trained neural networks and optimized data processing. Afterward, he focused on solving large-scale satellite data imagery optimization and parallelization of several algorithms as a leader of the backend team at SpaceKnow.

Satellite Imagery Processing with Python Talk

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Vojtěch Kusý Matěj Bartoš

What is satellite imagery? Can you zoom in to a car license plate like in the movies? Can you task a satellite to take a picture for you? How can the satellite data be automatically processed? What are the typical applications of automated satellite imagery processing at scale?

In our presentation, we will try to answer those questions with the help of Python and libraries such as GDAL, rasterio, shapely, numpy, and pandas. We will discuss the resolution, data size, GeoJSON and geolocalized TIFF processing, visualization, surface reflectance, orbits, or use cases for non-optical data such as synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, and other interesting aspects of this domain.