Marek Bruchatý


Marek is a software engineer at Bloomreach who leads the technological direction of the AI team. Marek has many years of experience in the design and development of products using artificial intelligence and Python.

Performance Matters: How to Make Python Fast Workshop

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Marek Bruchatý Ondrej Unger

We’re spoiled by the cloud. We’re so used to it that when performance problems arise, our very first thought is to scale our environment. But sometimes the best (or cheapest) option is not to increase system resources — sometimes what we need to do is dive deeply into the code and do a lot of optimization. You know, like in the old days: Just you and your profiler (and wicked amounts of caffeine).

In this workshop, we’ll take one of our hiring assignments that focuses on performance. We’ll look at how our candidates usually solve the task, some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions, and the best optimization strategy.

Note: By taking part in this workshop, you'll get a good sense of what to expect in our interviews!