Jozef Urbanovský


Jozef Urbanovský is Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, as a part of Networking Services Team, mostly specializing in kernel and user space networking. He is a developer of LNST (Linux Network Stack Test) framework, that was created by kernel developers for kernel developers to test and verify functionality of their changes, as well as look for performance regressions.

Jozef’s alma mater is Brno University of Technology, where he graduated in 2020. In his free time he is avid climber, mountaineer and traveller, seeking for the unknown.

Automated Network Performance testing in Python Talk

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Jozef Urbanovský

LNST (Linux Network Stack Test) is a Python framework for writing multihost network tests. It allows user to automatically map the network, configure it to desired state, measure network performance and evaluate results.

During the presentation we'll show how basic tests can be written and how the same framework is utilized in more complex scenarios where we test the Linux kernel, looking for performance regressions.

Finally we'll shortly discuss how LNST is used at Red Hat with other tools to create an automated pipeline that tests and reports results for kernel and other package candidate builds.