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Since my graduation in physics I spent a dozen of years doing data science. My professional experience covers both quantitative work (predictive models and data mining) and a load of soft-skills (consultancy). I enjoy working with maps and doing applied statistics. More at

Set up an interactive map in browser in a few steps Talk

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Vojta Filipec

Maps are popular means to visualise geospatial data. Companies often possess datapoints with latitute and longitude; nonetheless, data analysts typically lack skills to visualise this data as a map. This talk explains how to set up a map with your custom data in a web browser. We are going to talk about library `folium` that takes care of renderring the map, and how to feed your custom data into it. Optionally, we could extend the scope by geometries/methods to delimit areas and geojson format to record areas and the data layer in one file. The resulting map will be comparable to or that gained on popularity over the past few years and contributed to society-wide discussion on important topics. I will show pieces of code to demonstrate key concepts at the journey towards getting the map, and eventually will demonstrate the concepts on a map I have been working on.