Petr Šebek


Petr has been working professionally with Python for nearly a decade. During the time he was processing millions of products in ROI Hunter, trading on stock exchanges using asynchronous Python at Quantlane and now he’s following his passion in clean code at ThreatMark.

He’s interested in working, understandable, and performant code in this order and strives to improve in each of the areas every day.

Where good engineering practices would save the day Talk

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Petr Šebek

As software engineers we’ve read about countless rules (SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, KISS, …), read many books (The Pragmatic Programmer, Clean Code, The DevOps Handbook, Refactoring, …) and we are sharpening our understanding of how the ideal code should look like every day during our job.

But the reality is not ideal, sometimes quite far from the ideal.

Let’s look at a few examples where good engineering practices were ignored which caused massive damages to the companies that weren’t following them. We will look at practices that would prevent the situations from happening. Stories like this will hopefully remind us why good engineering practices are necessary and maybe even help us to recognize which are more important than the others.