Jakub Tesárek


Jakub started his professional career as a self-thought PHP programmer Shoptet where he eventually worked himself up to a lead developer position. Later he switched to Python which he used in SAP for 8 years as full-stack principal engineer. Currently he works in LMC where he and his team develop server applications based on machine learning and big data. Jakub’s passion is a clean code and team self-reliance. In his free time he rides a motorcycle, shoots guns and fights in amateur kickboxing bouts.

Working with Data-Scientits: Survival guide Talk

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Jakub Tesárek

Ten years ago nobody knew, what data-scientists do and now they are everywhere. And they come and mess up your code-base with no regards for a coding style or DRY principle. They don’t understand why you need to refactor, if it already works. And when you ask, what data they need, they’ll tell you „all of them“.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. And I’ll show you how I solved some of the problems since I took over the team leader role in LMC 2 years ago. I’ll give you 10 tips on how organize work between data-scientists and developers and how to build a good and productive relationship.